Hey everyone! Let me tell you it has been a great two weeks. Foreign Taste Buds has had a good start at building a community on Instagram. We have officially reached 100 followers! Wooh wooh wooh! Not only has it reached 100 followers, but I also have some projects in the works to be shared with ya’ll soon! Today’s post is all about two amazing teas that I tried recently. During a sunny day in Seattle, I discovered a cafe that offers a wide variety of Shen Zen Tea, and I just have to share with ya’ll.

Everest Tea & Coffee House

One day, I was rolling around Seattle with my family and stopped at Ikea. Let me tell you, I stopped in the snack shop and found some fun stuff like Lingonberry jam and Elderflower concentrate (look out for future recipes!) (Matcha Elderflower Doughnut Recipe) Then we passed by the Everest Tea & Coffee House in Tukwila. Of course, I had to stop and see what tea might be available. My expectation was to walk in and see a typical cafe that sold mainly espresso, and maybe offered a small selection of a big-name tea brand. When I walked in, I was in total shock. Everest Tea and Coffee House is far from your average cafe,  not only does it offer espresso based drinks, but there is a wide selection of house-brand tea, house-brand kombucha on tap (no, i’m not a fan,) and even a frozen yogurt bar. The best part about this cafe is that the owner is also the owner of the product line; and, the products are all locally sourced right in the North West. Shen Zen Tea is the house-brand name that is offered and I must say that it is a brand that represents the tea industry very well.

Peach Peony White Tea

When I saw this tea was available at Everest Tea & Coffee House, I knew that it was the tea I needed for a sunny spring day. I as intrigued by the flavor combination because although I am already a huge fan of peach tea and white tea, I have never had peony in my tea. So I went ahead and ordered it. At this specific cafe, they do steep the tea for you at the designated time, and then you’re served. Considering it was a fruity white tea, I decided to get it iced and the barista had no problem creating that for me. I added a few pumps of simple syrup and I was set.peach peony white

Thoughts: Excited to taste the invigorating flavors. I was not disappointed. Very light but yet bright, and flavorful. The peach gives this tea so much flavor that you don’t really need to add anything to it. While the peony adds a beautiful touch of floral notes that don’t over power the delicate white tea. Although taste when hot, this is a tea that is best served iced. Perfect in the spring/summer!

Rating: 5/5

Plum Oolong

When I saw this tea as an option, I knew I had to get some. Considering I already decided on the Peach Peony White, I decided to take a few tea bags of the Plum Oolong home. Let me tell you, it was worth it! Ever sense I had the Ambrosia Plum White tea from Zhena’s Gypsy tea, I have been in love with discovering all teas with plum. What I found is that every time I find a plum tea, it doesn’t have a strong plum presence. Well this tea is one of my new favorite plum options, it is PRESENT!loose leaf plum oolongplum oolong

Thoughts: I was fortunate to get two tea bags of this yummy option, so the first time I tried it with some local honey. Unfortunately, the honey did over power the delicate flavor of this tea, but it was still pretty tasty and light. For the second tea bag, I made it iced and I realized that this was the form that it needed. This is another tea that offered full flavor when iced, and I was excited!

Rating: 5/5

Unfortunately, I am not able to find the exact ingredients of these tasty teas, so I am not able to summarize the health benefits. But, I do plan on visiting their tea store in the Olympia Mall very soon, so stay tuned for that and an update with additional information.

I hope that you found this review useful. Let me know if you have ever experienced Shen Zen Tea, and let me know which tea flavor I should try next! Don’t forget to become apart of the Instagram family by following @Foreigntastebuds!!!

All products were purchased on my own, and my opinions are my own. In no way, is this post sponsored.