Hey everyone! It feels so good to be back from such a wonderful vacation. But in order to get back to reality and feel better inside and out, I like to go through a tea detox routine.



For those of you that don’t know ( you know you should be following me on IG!) I was in Los Angeles for a 4 day weekend in honor of FINALLY celebrating my cousin’s and I birthday. Of course, I will have a post coming soon for you guys for all the details on my trip!
After a weekend full of cocktails, sun and fun, it is important for me to do a detox. Now by no means necessary am I medically trained or certified, but I do know a few statistically beneficial things and what makes my body feel good personally. I personally find that every time I take a vacation, I return a little different when it comes to my health. Whether it be that I come back with a break out, a rash, a few extra pounds, or even just bloating. I always seem to return home with a new issue to face. After some research, realization and simply listening to my body, I feel like the best way to get back on track after a vacation is with a detox.

Tea Detox?

When it comes to a detox, there are many different types that do a variety of things. For example, juicing, quick diets, eggs and lemon water, and so many more. But I have realized that in order to get through a detox, I have to do it in a away that isn’t too different to my every at life. And what do I do everyday? I drink tea! So I like to do a tea detox.

A tea detox to me is definitely not some of those social media, fad “skinny teas.” A tea detox to me is using the right type of teas, at the right time to be beneficial to what needs to be detoxed in my body. When you’re on vacation, you are exposing your body to a lot of new things. Whether it be just a different atmosphere, losing your daily routine, new foods, and typically dehydration. So here is my post- vacation tea detox routine. This routine is targeted to detoxing the liver, detoxing the skin, consuming a lot of antioxidants and just generally flushing your body of the nasty stuff.how To Tea Detox Routine

Post- Vacation Tea Detox Routine

  • WATER!!
    • Water is so very important for all functions throughout our body. And it is safe to say that water is one of the last things most of us think about during vacation. So go ahead, over do it when you get home.
      • Try your water with lemons or other fruits for some added flavor and nutrients.
  • Green tea at breakfast
    • After a morning cup of water, have a morning cup of hot green tea. Green tea is so essential to gain antioxidants.
      • Try it with lemons and honey for extra benefits. The lemons works with your body to boost your immune system, aids in digestion, generally wakes up your body and so much more. Add some local honey to get your sinuses and immune system readjusted to being home.
      • Must Try: Teavana’s Jade Citrus Mint (Wonderfully refreshing green tea), 3NiTea’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Green Tea (Great flavored green tea, Reviewed here), Art of Tea’s 9:00 (A green tea that has the depth and flavor of earl grey, great to substitute for coffee or black tea, Reviewed here), Traditional Medicinal’s Organice Green Tea Ginger.
  • Detox Tea
  • Yogi Tea
    • This is where it becomes fun and customizable. Yogi tea offers so many herbal teas that target to benefit so many different bodily functions. So have fun with it! Is your skin out of wack? They have a blend for that! Still stressed out? There’s a blend for that! Still on a night owl schedule? They have a blend for that! You get the point, right?
    • My Favs.: Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy Skin, Woman’s Energy.
  • Laxative Tea
    • I know, I know. This is where it gets a little strange. But think about it, you are doing all these great things to cleanse your body, but it doesn’t make much of a difference if it is not flushing OUT of your body. And, you want to make sure that all the junk you consumed while on vacation is completely clear from your body. Of course, you must take precautions with laxative teas. You never want to drink these as often as any other tea. And if there is nothing to flush out, you don’t want to drink these. Okay, okay, that’s enough of that!
    • My Fav.: Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Chocolate

Pro. Tips!

    • Clearly a tea detox contains mostly herbal teas. Now I know that herbal/ medicinal teas can be hit or miss for most people. So I encourage you to shop around through herbal teas, there are so many flavored options these days that you are bound to find one that you love.
    • Still having a hard time with herbal/medicinal teas? The best way to balance out those flavors is to combine the tea with a red rooibos tea. Red Rooibos tea is an herbal tea that is naturally on the sweeter side. I find that it has beautiful notes of vanilla and a natural creaminess and it is one of my favorite teas because of this.
    • Green tea can be a tricky process sometimes, for tips on how to perfectly steep green tea go here.Teavana tea

Non- Tea Detox Tips

  • Keep a healthy diet for the first week home.
    • When you’re on vacation, you tend to lose the thought of healthy living. So take extra precautions once you’re home. This way you lose the craving of all the sugar and salt, and it helps your body naturally detox.
      • For example, raw fruits and veggies, in-processed foods, try being vegetarian for a few days, leave the soda and coffee alone for the week.
  • Workout!
    • To aid in detoxing your body, workout! You may even start to feel better than you did before your vacation.
  • Chakra Cleansing
    • We can’t forget that our mental and spiritual health is just as important as our physical health.
  • Skin detox
    • It is so very important to take extra care of your skin when you return from vacation. We all know that our skin takes on so much in general, but when you’re on vacation it goes into overdrive. Between the foreign weather, the foreign toxins in the air, lack of sleep, dehydration, hotel filth and so much more, we have to watch out for our skin.
      • For example, extra exfoliation all over, a detox foot bath, manicure/pedicure, face masks, ect.
  • Sleep in!!

Thank You

I hope this information is beneficial to all my frequent wanderers out there. We know what it’s like to come home from vacation and feel gross. Hopefully this post- vacation tea detox and extra tips will help your return run smoother. Have any more tips on how to make your return home run smoother? Teach me your ways in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to keep up with all my reviews, tips, and recipes!

Disclaimer: I am not  certified in any medical field and the information above is not meant to diagnose, cure, or treat any medical problem. The information above is based from my own personal research and is not necessarily certified by the FDA. This post is not sponsored and the links provided above are not affiliate links. All products mentioned are through my own research and have been purchased on my own.