Hello my wanderers and Happy National Oreo Day! Are you a fan of oreo-y things? If so, check out last week’s recipe, a Cookies and Cream Layer Cake– it is delicious! This past weekend was officially the start of my spring break, so I did some supply hunting, then Rodney and I decided to have a date day at the Tacoma Waterfront.point ruston map

Supply Hunting

So last week, I decided that I wanted to do some hunting for baking and blogging supplies. Now that I have started a blog, I am always looking for some fun props and new flavor components to work with. And my collection of cake stands and mugs is forever growing more and more.

I started out by going to Michaels to see what type of fun decorations are on sale, and I was also looking for some wedding decor inspiration (My wedding day is coming up very quickly!) While at Michaels, I noticed that there was an antique shop near by that I just had to check out. I love going into antique shops to see what kind of cake stands I can find or even vintage decorations. As soon as I walked into The Exhibitors Boutique you immediately are welcomed into a friendly and warm atmosphere. On your left is the exciting Trellis Cafe where they serve an abundance of goodies. Unfortunately, I was on a time crunch so I did not stop at Trellis Cafe (But look out for a review in the future.) This boutique is made up of many different vendors that each have their own booth and theme. I started out by asking the sales clerk where I can find the best tea accessories and she knew exactly where to point me. In a room behind the counter is a booth that is full of tea pots, tea cups, fun decorations and it even has music playing. Thank goodness she pointed me to this booth because I was in hog heaven! Although I wanted to buy everything, I settled for 2 cute mini plates in the shape of tea kettles ( I use these to hold my wet tea bags for the moment.) All in all, I would say it was a very successful, quick trip for supplies.

Date Day Wanderings

Now for date day on Saturday, we started out as just going to the movies, but to make it extra special, we decided to go out of our way to hang out at the Tacoma Waterfront.The Tacoma Waterfront is a very special place to me and I am so happy to see that they are currently building it up with some exciting new places of interest. As you know , I grew up in Seattle, but when I was around 11 years old, my family moved about an hour south. This move and change was pretty hard for me. One of the hardest parts was that I wasn’t necessarily near the water like I was when I lived in Seattle. But once we discovered the Tacoma Waterfront, that issue seemed to slowly go away. The Tacoma Waterfront lies right on Commencement Bay of the southern Puget Sound. Although it is not a pretty, sandy beach like you can find further north and west; it is still a body of water for all to enjoy.tacoma waterfront view

To start the day we went straight to Point Ruston of the Tacoma Waterfront to watch Logan at the new movie theater. I am not much of a movie go-er though, in my opinion, it is simply not exciting to me considering I can watch t.v. at home in my pajamas. But, because Rodney is a huge Wolverine fan and values a good movie theater experience, I joined in with enthusiasm. Typically, the only time I value a movie theater experience is if it is action-packed, so this time definitely did not disappoint. After a great movie, we had to have some dinner.

At Point Ruston, there is a few restaurants and cafes to try. We decided on Stack 571– Burger and Whiskey Bar. It is a fun restaurant that boasts its locally sourced ingredients, with a very laid- back vibe that would be perfect for a night out with friends and foodies alike. Rodney and I tried a couple items from the menu that were pretty tasty, but my favorite part was getting to try a Stubborn soda without the hunt of it.  There were a few options of Stubborn Soda on the menu, but I decided on a creamy Orange Hibiscus flavor- let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

After dinner, we went on a small stroll along the waterfront and took in the views. Point Ruston seems to be only a quarter of the way done, and it is already one of our new favorite date night locations. It is a major step up from the older side of the Tacoma Waterfront that I know and love. By the end of the night, I had to stop at both cafes that were in this cute plaza.

The first cafe was a beautiful cafe called Jewel box Cafe. This cafe has a very royal vibe to it, with a grand stair case that leads to an indoor patio over looking the cafe, fancy chandeliers spread around, and a giant indoor/outdoor fireplace. Jewel Box Cafe is an espresso bar cafe that offers everything from lunch, tea, bubble tea, smoothies and even crepes. Rodney decided on strawberry bubble tea, while I took the opportunity to try a new tea. I decided on Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar, watch out for a quick review coming this week! Since Jewel Cafe did not really have any desserts at the time that we were there, I decided to go down to the bakery and cafe at the opposite end of the plaza.

Dolce Si is a Sicilian bakery and cafe that serves amazing pastries in an invigorating setting. They also offer espresso, tea, gelato, savories and even signature Italian cocktails. This time around, I decided on their Rum soaked sponge cake with whipped cream and berries for garnish. This cake was a big, fluffy heart so I shared it with my mom and brother. This sponge cake was nice and fluffy but when you pick it up, you can tell that it had been soaked considering the density. The rum also managed to keep the cake very moist, but not gushy or messy. By the end of the cake, we were all looking for more, and my mom was a little concerned that my brother had some. All in all, we had a very fun filled date night and plan to return to the Tacoma Waterfront very often.jewel box cafe Dolce Si Bakery signDolce Si Rum soaked sponge cake

To top off a great weekend, I am fortunate enough to receive a few old school cookbooks from my grandma. And I was given a German antique cake stand from my great-grandma that dates back to 1915!antique cake stand german vintage cookbooks

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new. Look out for next weeks travel post where I continue on with my Road Trip Flashback (You can find part 1 here.) Any suggestions for another great water front in your hometown? Let me know in the comments, I am currently creating my travel bucket list (You can follow my research on my Pinterest page here.)

Have a great week everyone!

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