Hey everyone! I am here again to share another great tea shop I recently have discovered. This past weekend, Rodney and I decided to take a stroll around town and just simply chat while looking at houses. In Rodney’s words, he was driving miss daisy! Well, during our stroll, I spotted a cute tea shop in a random plaza in Kent, WA. As soon as I walked into Serenity Moon Tea, I knew I found a new favorite. Although this shop is small, it is packed with a wide variety of tea and dried herbs. I walked out of this shop with 3 different blends of tea and a Jasmine Silky Tea Ball.

Serenity Moon Tea

Serenity Moon Tea

The first thing I noticed about this shop is the owner, Mako. Of course, considering it was a Saturday, she was very busy running the shop by herself. When I first walked in, she was conducting a tea tasting with a few customers. I noticed on one of the signs that they are happy to offer a FREE tea tasting for any 3 teas of choice. She also had a few Bubble Teas to make ( yes, they offer bubble tea and espresso.) After about 30 minutes of smelling almost every tea, I finally decided to pick out some tea blends that just scream spring and flowers. Because why not, right? So, I picked out some potentials, but I had to ask some questions. I am not a fan of chamomile tea at all! But, I find that a lot of medicinal or floral herbal teas tend to have chamomile in it. And when I say I don’t like chamomile, I mean it. Even if it has the lightest touch of chamomile, I can taste it.Unfortunately, some of the tea blends that I was considering had a trace of chamomile in it. So, I had to narrow down my selection for now. I decided on green cherry blossom, 7 treasure allergy blend, Jasmine Silky Ball Tea Flower, and Red Raspberry Blossom. Based from the selection, everything seemed to be on the natural side, which is very appealing.Serenity Moon TeaSerenity Moon Tea

Once I was done checking out, Mako insisted that she present a tea tasting for the green tea that I decided on. She had me sit down at the tea tasting station and taught me a few things about how to enhance my tea flavor. To start, she mentions that it is best to wash your tea “just like veggies,” with hot water for 3 seconds to sanitize and awaken your tea leaves. She also reminds me that green tea “is just like teenagers” in the sense that it is young leaves being used so it is easy for them to be over steeped. It was wonderful to get a few tips and reminders from a clear expert (or tea snob as she calls herself.) And let me tell you, not only are you presented with great tea blends, but also a smiling face that can make anyone laugh.

Jasmine Silky Tea Ball

jasmine tea ball

Jasmine Tea BallNow let’s talk about the Jasmine Silky Tea Ball that I picked up from Serenity Moon Tea. Serenity Moon Tea had a wide variety of tea flowers to offer (all at about $1.50 each!) so I knew I had to pick one up. I have wanted to try a tea flower for a while now, but I just never came around to it. When I saw that there was a Jasmine one available, I got excited! A tea flower is a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around a flower. Once you set them into hot water, you are granted the joy of watching each tea leaf soften, and open up slowly. Finally presenting a flower shape or flower center. For this specific tea flower, it was a bundle of only Jasmine leaves that opened into a flower shape. Of course, in order to see the full art of this tea flower, it’s best to place it into a glass tea pot. So I had to go out and buy one in anticipation for this fun tea ( I found mine at World Market.) So finally, it’s time to fill my tea pot with some hot water and pop my tea flower in!jasmine tea ball

Thoughts: Not only was this tea ball beautiful, but it had great flavor. A lot of times when I read a review about a tea flower, I notice that the only thing lacking is the flavor of the tea. But let me tell you, I was impressed by the flavor on this tea. Granted jasmine tea is a more light and natural tea, but for it to be a tea flower, this was great. It would be great paired with another lightly flavored white tea for some flavor and color.

Rating: 4/5

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