Y’all! It is officially farmer’s market season! What is your favorite part about your local farmers market? The flowers, the fresh produce, the food, or just people watching? Of course my favorite part is the food! Today I will be talking about my foodie experience at the Puyallup Farmers Market.

Being from Seattle, I have seen my fare share of farmers markets. One of Seattle’s most famous land marks is actually Pike Place Market, which is one of the oldest running farmers market in the country (History lesson there for you!) Well this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be off of work at a decent hour. So the plan was to hit at least one farmers market, try a tea shop suggested by a fellow blogger and check out a festival or two.

SeattlePuyallup Farmers Market

First place was a near by farmers market so I hit the Puyallup Farmer’s Market. As always, Rodney was just along for the ride. But this farmers market was so nice that Rodney actually got excited by a few things, he even BOUGHT something. The Puyallup Farmer’s Market was actually one that had a wide variety of food stands, craft booths, and produce stands. As we walked through the park that this market was located, Rodney and I enjoyed doing some people watching and observing the many different crafts available. Rodney even found a cool, hand- drawn picture that he fell in love with.But of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t nibble from a few different stands this day.

Market Tastings

Below you will find a list of the many places that we “taste- tested” from and the products we tried. Let me just say that everything was equally intriguing and tasty in it’s own way. But my blog wouldn’t be called Foreign Taste Buds if I didn’t gravitate towards the international food choices! Although I didn’t try every booth, I was also eyeballing Lumpia Love, Burrito Boy, and Rawk Star Creations.

  • Tea Madame– Jack fruit Fusion Iced Tea
  • The Frybread Factory– Frybread Strawberry Shortcake
    • A Native American staple that was transformed into a classic dessert.
    • Rodney loved the spin on his favorite dessert.
  • South African Food Affair– Chicken Samoosas
    • A savory stuffed pastry shell.
    • They offered chicken or potato. Deliciously spiced.
  • My Newt Donuts– Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon Sugar, & Maple Mini Donuts

The Crumpet Shop

After we spent plenty of money at the Puyallup Farmer’s Market, I insisted that while we were close to the city, I wanted to check out a fun cafe that was suggested by Teainfusiast. I am so glad that I did try The Crumpet Shop because it was so worth it. And I only got the basics! I tried the butter and honey crumpet with a cup of Crumpet Shop Blend tea.crumpet, seattle, cafe crumpet, seattle, review

Tea Thoughts

When I ordered, I was surprised when the cashier handed me an empty cup. The cool thing about The Crumpet Shop is that when you order a hot tea, it is all-you-can drink.The Crumpet Shop Blend was a mix of darjeeling and ceylon tea. It presented a beautiful amber color with a mild body. With just a dash of sugar, it was a warm, and soothing cup of tea to keep me buzzing through the Pike Place Market streets.crumpet, seattle, tea, review crumpet, seattle, tea, review

Crumpet Thoughts

Now let’s talk about this crumpet. It was my first ever crumpet and I was surprised when I bit into it. When I ordered my crumpet, I ordered it blindly. I did no research and I didn’t ask for suggestions. I figured that  would get the most basic option for my first experience. Now that I read up on it, I found out that it is considered a griddle cake. I got the butter and honey crumpet. When I opened my crumpet box, I was surprised by what I saw. The appearance reminded me of a rice cake or english muffin dripping with honey. But when I took a bite, I was surprised by the soft, spongy texture that soaked in all of the butter. I immediately had to shove some towards Rodney so he could experience this English treat. Let’s just say that Rodney wanted to eat the rest.crumpet, review,

All in all, we both enjoyed our day of tasting new foods and enjoying each others company.Have you ever been to the Puyallup Farmers Market? What is your favorite local farmers market? Let me know in the comments below so I check it out myself!

Disclaimer: Throughout this post is experiences and opinions of my own. I, in no way have been sponsored or endorsed for this post. All photos are my own as well and are not allowed to be used without permission.