Have you ever wondered why tea is the most popular beverage in the world? I know that part of it is because of the wide variety of options, and because of all the benefits that come in one cup! Most tea has some type of beneficial component whether its something as simple as a tea that soothes you, or one that gives you energy. Today we talk about lavender benefits.

Hello Herb Box Series

As mentioned in my previous post, spring is the perfect time to do some cleansing throughout life for me. Not only am I working on spiritual cleansing this month, but also cleansing my body. Of course, one of the easiest way for me to do so is with tea. I have always tried to be a more natural person (home remedies, rarely take medication, natural beauty products, ect.) but of course I always need to work a little harder every so often (especially with a wedding coming.Ah!) So, I am officially starting a new series on Foreign Taste Buds called the herb box. Every Wednesday not only will I do my normal tea review; but, I will also explain some of the benefits of a featured herb/ spice and talk about my favorite teas that carries that featured herb/ spice. I hope y’all like this new series and learn something new with every post!

Lavender benefits

Lavender Benefits

Oh, lavender! I have talked about lavender once so far here. Yes, it is a wonderful, beautiful plant. But I just can’t seem to come to love it the way I wish I did. I love to look at it, I love to have it in my herb box and my essential oil box, but I only can tolerate it for its many benefits. Lavender is more of an aromatherapy herb, which is perfect when you get to sit back with your cup of tea and just enjoy it.

Disclaimer: In no way, shape or form am I a professional or licensed in any health or dietary industry. I simply provide information from my own experiences and research. I can not be responsible for anything that you have done due to my recommendations.

  • Promotes calmness
    • Anxiety and stress relief
    • Soother
  • Alleviates head aches
  • Helpful with respiratory problems

My Lavender Tea Examples

PS: Here is a great lavender recipe!

Know of any good lavender teas that might just change the game for me? What do you think about the Herb Box Series so far? I love to get y’alls feedback so leave a comment below. Want to keep up with the whole series? Add your email in the side bar to get an email of all new posts. Or follow just the Herb Box Series on Pinterest to keep all the information right there in your pocket!