Looking for a new, cheap way to organize your tea collection? Look no further because I have many DIY tea organizers here for you!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been missing for a little bit. Let me tell you, this new set of classes has been kicking my butt! But, I will have you know that I did get some spring cleaning done around all aspects of life. And, I am currently doing some ‘spiritual’ cleansing. I personally am not very religious but I do consider myself to be a spiritual work in progress. So with that, I always find that in the spring I am my best self when it comes to my spiritual practices (Balancing chakras, meditation, yoga, daily mantras, ect.) Anyone else out there like that? Better yet, anyone have any suggestions on spiritual cleansing? Anyways, one of my favorite things to clean is my tea collection! I love when I am going through my tea collection and I discover an old favorite that may have got lost in the mess. So I decided to share with ya’ll how I like to DIY tea organizers.

When I first started a tea collection, I mainly had boxes and containers of tea bags, so I would just keep them on a shelf in the cabinet tucked away. But, once I started to expand my tea collection and come across many different tools, I knew I had to find a new home for my tea loves. So I decided to move them all to a drawer. I found that this was the best way to be able to organize all types of tea in all different shapes and sizes. And, this way it is much easier to see your whole collection without it looking like a hot mess! Below is a few different ways you can organize your tea to fit your lifestyle needs.

Pencil Holders

Perfect for an abundance of individually packaged tea bags. This way you can get rid of all the torn up boxes and make space for more tea! ( I found these simple ones at the Dollar Tree)tea organizers

Mini Jars

Perfect size to display on your counter with your most used loose-leaf teas for easy access. You can use any shape of jar. I found mine at Ikea (4 pack round for about $5)diy tea organizer jars

Wood Organizer

These types of organizers are another great display piece. I recently got mine from my mom as a gift (thank you mommy!) and it works great as easy access to my daily tea choices. These types of organizers could even be great to hold your different types of sweeteners!

diy tea organizer

Silverware Holder

This method is very similar to using pencil holders. If you find one that is super cute and the right shape, it can work wonders! Great for individual tea bags.

Tea Shakers

A great way to hold your loose leaf teas in easy to use containers. Find some nice glass ones and turn it into a display piece. You can find shakers just about anywhere for cheap. Some tea companies already use test tubes as their packaging (like Lab Affair , ) or i have seen some sold at home decor stores (including Ikea)diy tea organizers

I know how expensive it can be to flat out buy a tea organizer ( that only hold 50 tea bags by the way, pshh!) So I hope these DIY organizer ideas helps some of you out!

Have any more suggestions on how to organize your tea? Let us know in the comments below! Have any suggestions on a good tea to try to get us in the spring cleaning mood? Comment below to share your ideas!