Hey everyone! Today I have a quick post about what I did this past weekend! As mentioned in my last post, May officially means that I am on summer break! Woohoooo! Although it doesn’t feel like summer here in western Washington, it sure does feel nice to have a break from school. A much needed break! Now I can focus on Foreign Taste Buds and connecting with you folks! So for my first official weekend of summer break, I took the weekend off and spent some time with Rodney and my sister Vaimoe. But the fun part that I have to share with y’all is the food that I had! Sunday was filled with lots of yummy, foreign treats when I went to brunch in Tacoma.

It’s not like I did a whole day of taste testing, but let me tell you, the treats I did have are worthy of their own post! First up was breakfast at Elmer’s in Tacoma. Yes, yes and yes. I will be going to Elmer’s restaurant pretty every time I am in Tacoma for breakfast. When we walked into Elmer’s it was PACKED! We almost thought that we would have to go somewhere else because it was so busy. Fortunately it was only a 10 minute wait to be seated, thank goodness because based from the pictures online, I refused to leave. Y’all, they serve GERMAN PANCAKES! Yes, German pancakes. I have never heard of necessarily German pancakes, but I am glad that I know now. Of course that is what I ordered only because it seemed “foreign” to me. Not only did I get the German pancakes, but I got one with lingonberries on top. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might remember when I picked up some lingonberry jam a few months ago. I officially love lingonberries and have been contemplating what I should bake with this jam…Have you ever used lingonberry jam on anything besides spreading it on top of a bread? Let me know in the comments below…So as a first impression of a German pancake, i am in love. It is definitely something that is more of a treat in my eyes (I don’t know if anything can ever beat my love for “American” pancakes.) German pancakes seem to have more of an egg-y texture to it and is on the thinner side compared to “American” pancakes. Although I did not get to learn about the culture or history of Elmer’s, you can tell that it is rich in culture and a loving, family atmosphere. brunch in tacoma

After Rodney and I finished our breakfast, I figured we could stop for some Samoan treats. So a little fact about me is that my step-dad is Samoan so I was raised within the Samoan culture and see it as my own. Samoa has a lot of deep, rich culture that I value and respect. But of course, the best part about coming from a Samoan family is the food! So while I was in Tacoma, I figured I would stop at Lily’s bakery and grab some of my favorite Samoan snacks and treats for the house. 30 minutes later, I ended up spending $30 on all the foods that I have missed while living in Samoa. A few things to share with y’all are my dad’s favorite Pineapple Moon Cups, and my favorite Panikeke (Samoan pancake.) Yes, I love “American” pancakes and Samoan pancakes. In my house, panikeke is seen more as a treat. Mainly because they are made denser, and sweeter than “American” pancakes. pineapple moon cups

Welp, there was my little foodie update for this past weekend. What is your favorite treat right now? Anyone have a favorite recipe with lingonberries? Keep up with all my wanderlust on Instagram!