Y’all! I have found a new favorite green tea! So if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I got my May Zen Tea Bar Box. Yet again, this box has an exciting variety of tea that I have thankfully never heard of. Today’s featured tea from my Zen Tea Bar box is Art of Tea‘s 9:00 AM tea.Art of Tea 9 AM

Of course, I judge a tea by not only its packaging but also the description given. Y’all! This tea described itself as a green tea version of earl grey…I was sold right then and there. If you have been keeping up with some of my tea reviews then you will know that I am a big fan of earl grey teas. But sometimes it is hard when Earl Grey is a deeper black tea with some spice and smokyness that is perfect for a morning pick me up. Anyone else have this dilemma? Well this 9:00 AM green tea is perfect for the earl grey lovers that want something lighter.

I ended up tasting this tea on a 70 degree day around 4 pm. It was still great! I can not do that with a typical earl grey tea. When you first pop open your bag of 9:00 AM tea, you immediately get a heavy whiff of bergamot essence. Yes, so exciting. If you are a huge earl grey fan like myself, then you have to try this very similar tea.  And of course, give me your thoughts on it.

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