Welcome back tea lovers, and thanks for joining me! Today I will be reviewing Adagio’s Blood Orange Iced Tea that I received in my latest Zen Tea Bar subscription box (Check out my review of Zen Tea Bar here!). For my loyal followers, you may have noticed that I am doing this tea post on a Thursday instead of the normal Wednesday. Well guys, I had to make that sacrifice because I just received my Zen Tea Bar box yesterday, due to my move and terrible postal services. And when I popped open this box and saw Adagio’s Blood Orange Iced Tea, I knew that I just had to review this specific tea for my last official National Iced Tea month post.zen tea bar june

So I immediately popped open the packaging and found a large, mesh sachet full of large chunks of ingredients. I instantly became excited because not only am I a huge fan of blood oranges ( Check out my recipe that features a blood orange curd!) But I also love a good flavored iced tea during these hot summer months. And I instantly knew that with so many large chunks of ingredients in this blend, it was going to have a great turn out in flavor no matter what.blood orange iced tea loose leaf

According to the packaging, you can either steep this tea like normal, then add ice. Or you can go with the cold steep method overnight. Because I wanted the full effect of it being an iced tea, I decided to go with the cold steep method. So I filled a pitcher with 1 quart of water and threw in my tea pouch and left in the refrigerator over night (about 18 hours.) Being the impatient person that I am, I obviously kept checking on it to see its transformations. I must say, that after about only an hour, the tea was already starting to steep nicely and develop a beautiful color to it.Adagio Tea's blood Orange Iced Tea

Adagio Tea

As a tea reviewer and a curious person, I like to know a little bit about the company that my tea comes from, and check out what other products the company offers. First of all, this tea came from the June Zen Tea Bar subscription box. This month the theme was to provide samples that were presented at the World Tea Expo, and provide a first look at some of the new tea launching later in the year. Then, when I checked out Adagio Tea’s website, I found that this company provided a plethora of options. To start, of course they have typical tea blends that are of course unique to them, but also expected. But then as I dig deeper into the website, I notice that they offer thousands of different blends based off of themes. Any theme you can imagine; movies, food, comics, music, they have a blend for it. Although many tea enthusiasts may find this a little challenging, I find that this is a great idea for presents. This is a great way to add a little tea element to a gift basket, stocking stuffer, Easter basket, ect. Now the most exciting part of this hidden gem of a website is that they have a create- a- blend page. And when they say create a blend , they mean it. You can easily choose one of their pre-blended options and go from there. Or you can be completely organic with your creation and start from scratch, percent by percent. This website is definitely a sight to see if you are a tea enthusiast like myself.

Adagio Tea’s Blood Orange Iced Tea Thoughts

So now that my crazy morning is over, and I have the day to myself, it is time to work on Foreign Taste Buds (and some wedding planning.) So I grab my Blood Orange Iced Tea from the refrigerator and start my taste test. This herbal tea features blood orange rinds, hibiscus and rose hip. Considering it does have some knowingly more tart ingredients, I decided to do a taste test with a sweetened cup and unsweetened cup.Blood Orange Iced Tea


My first impression of this tea without tasting it, is that it has a vibrant, beautiful color that most likely came about from the hibiscus. When I take my first sip, I was a little taken back by the tart and crisp that I was getting. So I tasted it again to be sure that I wasn’t just shocked by the fact that the tea was so cold. Being that this tea features blood orange and hibiscus, I was expecting a good punch of tart flavor to come through. And this tea did not disappoint. It has a total impact in the tart category. Unfortunately for my taste buds, I am not the biggest fan of tart teas.


So when I say that I sweetened this tea, I mean that I added 1/2 of a tablespoon of granulated sugar to about 8 ounces of tea. I personally find that you get the most natural flavor of your tea if you use a little sugar. Then once you are familiar with the tea, then you can play around with different types of sweetener. Considering I was not the biggest fan of how tart the tea was unsweetened, I was looking forward to trying the sweetened version. Y’all…It made a world of difference! I find that with the tea being sweetened, it really balances those tart flavors with the juicy, berry undertones and gives it a smooth finish. I think that this tea is a great addition to your tea collection, or a great starting point for people that want to learn to love tea. This specific flavor is a great alternative to fruit juice and will be a great way to keep your kids away from sugary juices during the summer. It will also be a great flavor to make homemade popsicles with (Check out my homemade tea popsicles here!)

Rating: 5/5

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