foreing taste buds

Hi there!

I’m Tautiauna, nice to meet you!

Welcome to my piece of the foodie world, where I look to share my passions with all of you! I am a 22 year old aspiring pastry chef, and a wandering, self-proclaimed tea enthusiast. I am from Seattle, WA and recently lived in Georgia for a few years to experience my fiancee, Rodney’s, hometown. On a daily basis, I work for a coffee company as a barista trainer, while pursuing a business degree in Food Industry Management (Go Sun Devils!) I am a true Washingtonian that loves to be one with nature, but I also can’t get enough of the city life that I grew up in.And I like to think of my self as a part-time vegan vegetarian (for now!)

Foreign Taste buds is a blog about the many foodie adventures that I dive into on a weekly basis. Most days, I am rediscovering a fun tea from my forever growing collection ( Post coming soon). Every week I am experimenting with flavors in the kitchen, in hopes of my greatest baked good recipe yet. While most weekends, I wander around Washington, searching for a new coffeehouse or bakery to taste and learn from.

I hope that you find a place to call home here. And I am always looking for suggestions on the best spot in town or the best cup of tea. So don’t hesitate to contact me. If you live in WA and would like to purchase a dessert, I am more than happy to do so you can contact me through email. Want to collaborate? Looking to be featured? You can contact me best through email or Instagram!

Love, Tauti


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