Hey tea lovers! This week I have a very exciting tea review to share with all of you. I was fortunate enough to receive some beautiful tea blends and treats from 3NiTea recently. This 3NiTea tea review is all about Hawaiian Earl Grey and Passion fruit Potion Bouquet.3nitea sample pack


3NiTea is an Australian owned small business that offers classic tea blends with a fun twist. I first noticed them on Instagram and noticed their bright, beautiful pictures that featured a wide variety tea blends. I love that most of 3NiTea’s tea blends have many bright ingredients that seem to encourage natural freshness in each blend. 3NiTea offers their products through their Etsy shop including loose leaf tea and blooming tea. I was fortunate enough to receive two loose leaf blends, two different blooming teas, and even 3 different sampler cookies. Considering it is getting warmer and the flowers are blooming, I decided on some bright, tropical flavors to test.

Passion Fruit Potion Bouquet3nitea tea review

Well hello yummy! When I saw the Passion fruit Potion Bouquet on the list of availability, I immediately got excited. I have never tasted or even seen a tea that had passion fruit in it. Passion fruit is one of those ingredients that is always an exciting surprise no matter what the product is, so to see it come from a small business tea brand make me hopeful for the brand all together. On top of it beng an exciting flavor, it is also a tea bouquet. After experiencing my last blooming tea last week, I am hooked! So I filled my tea pot with boiling water and popped this one in with high hopes. Immediately, it started to bloom. After about 5 minutes, Passion fruit Potion was in full bloom and ready to be sweetened and sipped!3nitea passion fruit potion
This specific tea bouquet is a blend of green tea leaves and white jasmine flowers. In the center is a beautiful fuchsia carnation centered between two long white flowers. All mixed with yummy passion fruit and jasmine flavor (And you know some of my favorite teas are jasmine teas). Let me say, it is beautiful bloomed tea. As far as taste goes, there is a beautiful, subtle jasmine flavor adorned with the bright, juicy flavor of passion fruit. To top it off, there was a fun pair of Passion fruit Chia Shortbread cookies. Yes, i tried the cookies with the tea. And yes, the cookies were amazing and full of flavor.

Rating: 5/5passionfruit chia cookies

hawaiian earl grey teaHawaiian Earl Grey

Yes, yes and yes! If y’all didn’t know, my favorite black tea is earl grey. When I saw Hawaiian Earl Grey, I immediately was intrigued. This tea is described as a tropical twist on a classic tea. The description matches this tea blend in every way. Hawaiian Earl Grey is adorned with coconut shavings, dried pineapple chunks, and the classic bergamont oil. Yesterday morning was the day that I discovered my new favorite earl grey. I found that with every earl grey blend I have ever tired (and trust me, I have tried many) there is always an ingredient that is the star. I have had one that had a deep black tea as the star, I have also had a blend that had lavender as the star (yuck!) This specific tea blend seemed to balance out the flavors very well.hawaiian earl grey experiencehawaiian earl grey tea

Hawaiian Earl Grey features a buttery, creamy coconut flavor that has a pop of juicy, bright pineapple, that is then smoothed out by your classic earl grey flavor. When I first opened the package for this tea, you are immediately greeted by a punch of creamy coconut. It is such an intense, beautiful smell that you don’t believe it is real, but once you pull this tea blend out of its bag, you can clearly see the coconut slivers. Y’all!! It is so yummy. My only critique is that it doesn’t have a major punch of bergamont oil like most earl grey tea. But, because the flavor is so present, I found that I use half the recommended amount of Hawaiian Earl grey, and a tea bag of another earl grey. This gives me the balance of flavor and spice that I am looking for some mornings.

Rating: 4/5

Have you ever had any tea from 3NiTea? What is your favorite from their line? Leave your comments below! To see more recent content from Foreign Taste Buds, you can find a lot of behind the scenes content on Instagram @ForeignTasteBuds.

This post is not sponsored by any means. The products within this post were given to me as a gift in hopes of an honest review As always, I only review my honest opinion for everything I taste.