Hello my tea lovers! Today is another day for another tea review. This time I am featuring 3NiTea’s Japanese Cherry Green Tea. Sometimes it is hard for me to find a great green tea that has a bright flavor that doesn’t diminish away after steeping. But this specific tea definitely stood up to the heat.

Psst! I created a recipe inspired by this tea! Matcha Elderflower Doughnuts, check out the recipe here. To be a true replica of this tea, substitute in cherries and use a rose glaze!


When I first opened my pouch of Japanese Cherry Green Tea, the smell of rose and cherry surrounded me in sweet harmony. In order to experience the full effect of this gorgeous tea, I made sure that I use proper techniques. Because as we all know, green tea is a tricky sucker that can be messed up very easily. (For tips on steeping green tea, check out my recent review here.) Thankfully, once the steeping process is complete, you are greeted with a beautiful balance of smooth, soft rose notes and a subtly sweet cherry flavor. After each sip, you are left with a slightly earthy, smoky undertone. My favorite part, is the beautiful tea blend in itself, either dry or wet. The flecks of gradient red and pink rose petals are a beautiful sights in your tea cabinet.

Rating: 4/5

What is your favorite green tea blend? Give me some suggestions so I can expand my green tea horizon! Have you ever had any 3NiTea tea blends? You have to check them out, 3NiTea offers an exciting range of blends that scream Foreign Taste Buds.

This post is not sponsored by any means. The products within this post were given to me as a gift in hopes of an honest review. As always, I only review my honest opinion for everything I taste.